Humberston Fitties

The Humberston Fitties developed when the area was divided up into plots of different sizes during the 1920s. These areas became known as plot lands. During the First World War the coastal area was used for billeting soldiers who were stationed in the nearby Haile Sands Fort. After the war a local family set up a tent so they could have access to fresh air to combat ill health. The following year they erected a chalet and after the soldiers were demobbed other people moved in with tents or into the original camp huts used by the soldiers.

More holidaymakers arrived bringing their own accommodation in the form of caravans, buses and old railway carriages. As the area developed holiday chalets were built on stilts and wheels because the area was prone to flooding. In 1938 the land ownership was passed to the local authority.

This has allowed preservation of this unique area when other similar private plot lands have been gradually sold off for development over the years. During World War II the chalets were again returned to military duty, and it is believed that a decoy representing Grimsby Docks was erected nearby. In 1947 the Planning laws were changed and became much more stringent in respect of holiday chalets.

As a result, caravans became more popular because they were subject to fewer restrictions. In 1953 many of the chalets were destroyed by the disastrous floods, which breached the Lincolnshire Coastline. Others had to be recovered from neighbouring plots. The sea defences were then improved which meant that many chalets lost their sea views.

Modern conveniences such as roads, water and sewage systems have been added by the authority over the years and in 1996 the area was declared a conservation area following requests from the tenants. This was followed by an Article 4 Direction in 1998, which allows the authority greater control over development in the area to preserve the character of the area to benefit everyone. The ownership of the Fitties has now passed from the local council to Tingdene.

Photograph of a Chalet